Easily convert any recipe to a vegan friendly meal with our plant-based meats!

Our premium plant-based meats are created for culinary professionals to use as a 1:1 replacement for traditional meat in any recipe. For an easy place to start, simply swap traditional beef or chicken for Hungry Planet Meats™ in any of the recipes on your menu or in your current rotation.

Our chefs have created several signature recipes using Hungry Planet Meats™ that showcase the versatility and capacity of our foods, beyond anything on the market right now.

Hungry Planet Sausage™ Italian Bolognese

Hungry Planet Chicken™ Kofta Tikka Masala

Hungry Planet Crab™ Cakes

Hungry Planet Beef™ Chili Adobo

Hungry Planet Chicken™ Gyro Pita

Hungry Planet Pork™ Lettuce Wraps

Our Certified Master Chefs are more than happy to assist you in additional menu and recipe development.