Our journey began when we asked ourselves this question:

What does it look like to feed a hungry planet while feeding our deepest values?

This is the transcendent question for our generation. It is at the heart of solving our planet's greatest challenges, and in answering it, bringing the greatest good to all of its inhabitants. 

We believe we've found an answer.


At Hungry Planet™ we create premium plant-based meats that use fewer resources from planet to production and have the hearty taste and texture you crave.


Our planet is hungry for creative, sustainable ways to feed our rapidly growing human family. At Hungry Planet™, we set out on a mission to match familiar, favorite textures and flavors with plant-based ingredients. Developed in the heart of the Midwest, our foods are hearty and satisfying with a focus on food taste, not food tech. With our culinary expertise and passion for the planet, we aim to mainstream plant-based meats and make them a preferred protein in kitchens across the globe at least once a week.



Committed to Culinary Excellence

We are dedicated to culinary excellence in every plant-based food we produce. Our world-class chefs are passionate about using the finest ingredients for superior taste and texture. We also encourage our customers to get creative in the kitchen and share their recipes with the world.

Committed to the Environment

Ultimately, it's up to us to be the change we want to see in the world, and this includes eating our way to a healthier planet. As a company, we strive to be more planet-friendly and sustainable everyday because we believe that even small changes can make a big impact.

Committed to Education

We love helping people learn about the value of choosing plant-based proteins so that they feel empowered when serving Hungry Planet™ foods. We are also committed to educating chefs around the globe about how to cook with plant-based meats so that more restaurants can offer delicious, satisfying plant-based alternatives.