SEE HOW delicious meals ARE made with Hungry Planet plant-based meats!

Welcome! As you begin working with our premium plant-based meats for the first time, please take a few minutes to watch some of the introductory videos below. These short videos and cooking tips provide important insight on how to handle and prepare Hungry Planet Meats.

Please keep in mind that our plant-based meats are formulated by culinary professionals for culinary professionals. Our meats have a mild / neutral flavor profile so that they will carry your signature seasonings just as with traditional meat. Hungry Planet Meats are formulated to let your talents, personality and taste shine!

23 seconds: The Hungry Planet Burger™ cooks just like a traditional beef patty.

20 seconds: A delicious 100% plant-based chicken patty full of flavor!

1 minute 49 seconds: Hungry Planet Beef™ can be formed into meatballs without any binders.

1 minute 54 seconds: Season Hungry Planet Beef™ to make delicious tacos.

43 seconds: Chef Freddie shows chefs from university foodservice how easy it is to make Hungry Planet plant-based crab cakes!

1 minute 29 seconds: A quick and easy vegetarian recipe idea!

3 minutes 28 seconds: Chef Nancy Weiss, Director of Food Service for Santa Barbara Unified School District, prepares a Chicken Chile Verde Burrito with Hungry Planet™ plant protein!

1 minute 9 seconds: Hungry Planet Foundation is partnering with Santa Barbara Unified School District to bring plant-based meats to school lunches.

Our recipe for Gooey Louie burgers was featured in Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich's book Clean Protein!


Click here to download the recipe! 

Cooking with Hungry Planet Premium Plant-Based Meats

Chef Tips & Procedures

Like traditional ground meat, our premium plant-based meats are soft when uncooked and firm when cooked. Our 100% plant-based meats have low flavor profiles (except our sausages), allowing you to season and use in any recipe you desire. Hungry Planet Meats do not contain saturated fat, so use a nonstick well-oiled cooking surface. Similar to traditional meat, it can be baked, sauteed, grilled, deep-fried, seared, or blackened, but due to its low fat content will dry out if overcooked. Cook to an internal temperature of 150℉ for optimal texture and serve hot.

Further Cooking Guidelines

- Hungry Planet plant-based meats come frozen and can take 24-48 hours to thaw in the refrigerator, depending on the temperature. Keep highly chilled until cooking to ensure optimal handling.

- From a thawed state, Hungry Planet Meat takes about half the cooking time as traditional meat and about 10% less time when cooking from a frozen state. Hungry Planet Meats have low fat content, so be careful not to overcook as it will dry out just like traditional meat if cooked too long; it’s only necessary to cook to temperature. If baking in an oven, brush with oil and loosely cover to retain moisture.

- Use oil or wet your hands in cold water when forming the thawed plant-based meat. Oil the cooking surface generously so the food does not stick.

- Season as you would traditional meat recipes. For salts and peppers, use 15-30% less in comparison to traditional meat recipes.

- If you want to incorporate vegetables in your recipes, use roasted vegetables or raw vegetables sparingly. Raw vegetables release a lot of moisture, which softens the food.

- For use in casseroles where sauces, fresh vegetables, pastas, etc. are used in combination, remember that the plant protein is dense and fibrous and will absorb a good amount of moisture. You may want to add a little more liquid than normal.

- When cooking Hungry Planet Ground Meat for use in recipes like lasagna, pasta sauce, soup etc., season the bulk product and sauté in oil, using a medium heat. Work quickly, breaking up into desired size as you cook. Within minutes the meat will brown and crisp nicely.

- Hungry Planet Meats are vegan, and for those accustomed to using egg as a binder, it is unnecessary with these foods. If you do use egg to create a vegetarian item, depending on how much you use, the egg can make the dishes too soft. Incorporating breadcrumbs is at chef’s discretion depending on desired texture.

- For large scale applications, thawed Hungry Planet Meat can be spread onto an oiled sheet pan and browned in a convection oven. Cook at 350℉ for 8-10 minutes or until the plant-based meat starts to crisp up and reaches an internal temperature of 150℉. Our chicken and pork can then be cut on the bias for wraps etc and our red meats can be broken into chunks or crumbles for chili, soup, bolognese sauce, stir fry, etc.

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Our premium plant-based meats are incredibly delicious, nutritious and versatile.

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